10 Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes has become one of the major problems people facing around the world. As the cases of this health issues are increasing very rapidly. So, it becomes our duty to spread awareness around the early signs and symptoms so that the problem can be caught even in the first stage and we can be even able to avoid the advance stage of the health issue. Before telling the symptoms, it is very important that you must have knowledge of what exactly diabetes is? Diabetes is a chronic nutritional disorder and in that case the blood glucose level in the body becomes high. In this case, the body is not able to break the sugar level and hence is unable to produce insulin.

Diabetes cause

It causes excess of sugar level in the blood and latter it converted to the loss of energy. Mostly, obese people are caught by the problem in their middle or old age. Even some cases are found, where some young people also caught with the problem. Some of the warning signs and symptoms of the problem are mentioned below:

Diabetes cause

Early Signs and Symptoms of diabetes:

• In the initial stage of the diabetes, the patient loses his or her weight. Also, he/she faces the problem of frequent urination. At that time, body uses the muscular proteins and fats as the source of energy and hence result is loss in weight.

• One of the most common signs of diabetes is excess of thirst. The reason of this sign is that the extra glucose sucks the moisture from the cells and that leads the body dehydrated and there occurs the need of water.

• Some of the other early signs and symptoms of the diabetes are muscle aches, pain in head and body pain too. Your sleep pattern also goes disrupted. So, as a result, you feel more fatigue.

Diabetes cause



10 Symptoms of Diabetes

  1. Frequent urination.
  2. Sudden Weight Loss
  3. Wounds that won’t Heal.
  4. Always hungry
  5. Sexual Problems
  6. Blurry Vision
  7. Always Tired
  8. Valginal Infection
  9. Numb or Tingling feets
  10. Always Thirsty

• One of the main and early symptom of diabetes is that the person having diabetes used to go for urination more rapidly. As the above mentioned, a diabetic person used to have more water and so it is but obvious, the cells of body don’t absorb it. So, it makes extra glucose to pass through the blood stream to the bladder and to kidneys.

• Diabetic person also faces the problem of blurred vision. The increased level of blood glucose leads to the deformity in the shape of lenses of eyes. In some cases it may also leads to the permanent blindness.

Diabetes cause

• In the early stage of diabetes the person faces the problem of increased appetite. To lower down the blood glucose level, the body secretes more insulin and that results in increase in hunger.

• Another sign of diabetes is early tiredness. The body becomes unable to break down the food properly. Also, the muscles cells feel the lack of energy they requires. As the thirst increases and frequent urination also taken place. So, it gives way to less sleep and make you fatigued.

• Person is also easily caught with yeast infection and skin infections.

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