Handy Tips: Redecorating Mistakes to Avoid

While you may believe you have the knack for decorating and arranging your furniture without the need of a Handy professional, there are a few mistakes that you may be making without even realizing it. Handy is a professional online service that can order you a personal cleaner, handyperson or even smart home technician right at your doorstep with the press of a few buttons the app or desktop version. If you’re up for redecorating your home, they can quickly help move your large furniture items or assemble difficult pieces such as your bed frame or shelving unit. Mounting your new flat-screen TV is another option if you’re in need of some service.


Here are some mistakes you may be making without even realizing it.


  1. When it comes to flooring, a nice quilted rug can automatically liven up your place, making it feel more like home than ever. However, a small rug is not the way to go as it can create a fragmented and choppy atmosphere—the exact look you are not going for. Handy professionals suggest that you buy the rug after you have definite furniture in your home. If you want to place your rug under your couch in your living area, then a nine-foot rug for a standard seven-foot sofa should do the trick. To be placed under your bed, go for a rug that is at least 1 ½ inches longer on each side than the bed.
  2. If you want your home to be the inviting oasis that you truly desire, then you should make sure that you’re not blocking any of that hard-to-get natural light. Instead of going with thick and dark drapery in your living areas (the bedroom is ok for when you need to get all your hours of sleep), go with thin layers of white drapery. Never place furniture above the window sills in rooms that have small windows as this is another light blocker.
  3. Avoid sticking all your furniture pieces to the walls, says a woman from Handy who has helped move around furniture for the redecorating of one her client’s apartments. To make your space truly look expansive, avoid getting sucked into this idea.


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