Chemical Peel treatment: Everything You Need to Know

Chemical peeling is a facial rejuvenation method designed to remove dead cells and stimulate cellular regeneration. Depending on the peculiarities and problems of the skin, the degree of the problem depth, the doctor will choose the appropriate substances. Chemical peeling can be: superficial, medium or thick. Indications of chemical peeling are fine to deep wrinkles, acne, post-acne scars, post-varicella scars, freckles and hyper pigmentation spots (melasma).

What does a chemical peel do to your face?

This procedure breaks down the bonds between your skin layers from the surface. The treatment allows one or more layers to peel away. Peeling allows one or more new layers to come to the surface, removing scars, discoloration or hyper pigmentation.

What safety precautions must be taken before using a home chemical peel kit

The gel must not drip into the eyes and protect the most sensitives areas of the face. Any exposure to the sun must be avoided for a week or more after the peel treatment. Jelly must be applied on the mouth, eyelids before applying the peel on the face. Immediately after the peeling, follows a moisturizer a heavy sunscreen used daily will avoid further problems. The new layer of skin is very soft and can be easily damaged by the sun. Before and after a chemical peel, ask your dermatologist how the procedure works and what to do after, the skin must be heavily hydrated and protected for many weeks.

Chemical peeling is indicated for sensitive skin; this treatment uses only lactic acid and glycolic acid. Medium strip uses trichocerid acid, noted for post-acne scars, stretch marks. After this procedure, significant desquamation will show and the healing will teak about six days. Deep peeling uses phenol. This method is recommended for in-depth wrinkle treatment and regeneration. Replace surgical lifting. Deep skin must be performed only in a hospital having a surgical section, with local anesthesia. The recovery takes up to 10 days.

Some clinics treat pigmentation with Melapeel, used for acne and large pore too. Some doctors prefer the Melapeel to glycolic acid; the treatment can be done only in clinics.

It is wise to ask for specialist advice before a peeling treatment. After the doctor’s opinion, a soft procedure can be done at home too: a fruit acid peeling gel can be found in pharmacies or on the Internet, at affordable prices. Women can use a glycolic fix cleanser is also useful to trait a skin with problems and a gel to eliminate pore and superficial wrinkle.

Peeling treatments in Mountain Lakes can be done in the excellent condition in a few clinics offering non-surgical therapies to embellish the skin,  skin shine with a natural oxygen infusion.

With so many options and effective ways to rejuvenate the skin, women that care about their aspect will be an attractive and pleasant apparition for their families and colleagues.

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