Coco Or Nicole Austin Workout Routine Videos

Model and actress Coco is also known by her birth name Nicole Austin and stage name Nicole Marrow. When not working, she spends time with her husband, rapper and actor Ice-T. The duo spend as much time together as possible and she always enlists his help in deciding what looks good. To have a body like Coco, spend time at the beach and invest in a plastic surgeon.

Coco Or Nicole Austin Workout Routine Videos

Ice-T’s wife, Coco Austin is serious about working out and combining fitness with glamour. The glamour model turned reality star, recently posted to Twitter pictures of herself working out in high heels.

Nicole “Coco” Austin’s measurements are 39″-23″-40″, 39DD bra size, Is 5 foot 2 inches and weighs 130lbs.

Coco’s Workout

Ultimate squats!Take medicine ball place n front of u,squat,pick it up,push fast high above your head & slam it down.Do 15 reps,3 sets

TIp 48#-The smaller you can get your waist to look the more shapely & plump your booty will look.Thats why I always finish my workouts w/ab

Tip 47#-Take a fish oil pill everyday.Its great 2 boost metabolism, prevents Heart disease & cancer,good for muscles.I love it!!I personally take “Ultimate Omega”.You don’t get burps either

Tip 46#-Take a Power Plate class at your gym.Its a great workout for your whole body.(30 min workout on a vibrating machine).Luv it!

Tip 45#-For special occasions like if u have a wedding or need to get in a bikini..take a water pill a week before..Gets your body little tighter.They’re herbal pills u take to get the excess water weight off ya.They have good ones at GNC or Vitamin Store!

Tip 44#-”Naked” Smoothies R great 4 the first meal of the day.. it has all the fruits u need.1 a day has maintained my weight.There already made drink u can get at the supermarket

Tip 42#- When workin out your legs DON’T forget calves!This is essentail! Stand,roll up on toes,hold weight for added pressure.Repeat

Tip #41-I kick a punching bag at the gym 20 times each leg,3 sets.This works the abs & shapes the whole leg.Its good cardio too

Tip #40-In order to get in shape fast u have to incorporate weight training and cardio together.Don’t skip one.You’ll burn more calories

Tip #39-Abs!Lay down in a sit up position hold medicine ball up in front of u and twist it from side to side..(Good for those muffins tops)

Tip#38-U may not all agree but for a good fat burner pill try Hdyroxycut.I luv it!

Tip 37#-Adductor/Abductor sit machines are great for strong thighs!Pushing weight outwards works the side of butt so u can get that bubble booty

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Tip 36#-I love leg presses! You have to have nice quads (thighs) to have toned legs.Try these with as much weight u can take.I do 200 pounds

Tip 35#-A great Ab workout is at the gym get on knees in front of cable machine & pull cable rope down until you curl your body in,hold.Repeat

Tip 34#-Build a butt by using heavy weights.No sissy weight!!(Like w/squats) Stay away from butt surgery.Hips should have a little jiggle.

Tip 33#-Squat & Kick (kickboxing style) Try kicking to the front & side.But keep your balance.This is very good for the glutes.

Tip 32#-I know this sounds gross but colonics R great 4 getting n shape!I always have the flattest stomach afterwards,plus the pounds u lose.

Tip 31#-Hold your stomach in for a 1 minute then repeat10 times.It works great on the lower abs.I do it while I’m sitting in a car.

Tip 30#-Throw on 10 pound ankle weights when u can!Try it when walkin your dog.This really tones the legs.

Tip 29#-Chai Tea naturally boosts your metabolism.Its also suppresses hunger.At times,I went on Chai Tea diets before modeling contests.

Tip 28#-An aerobic workout will boost your metabolism for hours afterwards.Moving your body will burn the fat off your abs.I love treadmill.

Tip#27-Wear your high heels around the house,to do errands,vacuuming…Its great for the calves.Thats why I’m in them all day.Its a workout!

Tip26#-Don’t have time for the gym?Just do this move if any..Hold a squat for a min.Do 3 times & then try adding weights n your hands.

Tip 25#-Stand up while holding on 2 something put on ankle weights & kick back high & hold.Do 10 each leg w/3 sets.Good for the top of butt.

Tip 24#-”Milk really does the body good”.The calcium in it fills you up which makes your body not want 2 snack a lot so a have a glass a day!

Tip 23#-”Windmill”Abs-Stand up & stretch arms out side 2 side,FAST.Do 3 sets of 20.This helps w/the love handles.You’ll feel it the next day.

Tip 22#-To get a nice tush you must build butt muscle.Lounges,Squats and Leg extensions are the best for that!!

Tip 21#-If u want to try a diet pill.I personally loved Hydroxycut.I used to take it & I got super cut but it did make me a little shaky.

Tip 20#-Another great food that speeds up your metabolism is green chili! Mix it up in some eggs & there u have a good protein it!

Tip 19#-No pain,No gain!! Push yourselves hard and you’ll see much faster results. You got to feel some discomfort after working out.

Tip 18#-Commit 2 work out 2 lose weight.Going 2 the gym once a year is not gonna cut it.Don’t get mad if u don’t see results right away.

Tip 17#- Eat through-out the day.U will actually Gain Weight if u stop eating.Eat small proportions to keep your metabolism going.Trust me.

Tip#16-Add 30 min cardio to your workout.I like treadmill & stationary bike.Sprint for 5 min as hard as u can then back off for a min.Repeat.

Tip15#- I love protein!The more the better.It helps to maintain a proper diet & good for muscle build. Keep in mind protein bars & shakes!

Tip 14#-Squats R the best for your butt.Start with no weight & work your way up to heavy weights.Squat like your gonna sit and lean forward.

Tip#13-I drink “Super Charge Extreme” for energy & performance before I workout.If I’m not in the mood 2 workout,this puts me in the mood.

Tip#12-Do boxing punches in the air w/ 5 pound weights. This is not only good for your arms but really good for the side of your Abs.MY FAV!

Tip#11-Lay down on your back,feet on ground lift your butt hi in the air for 1min intervals.20 timesThis is good for the butt & lower back.

Tip#10-Leg extentions.Strap a weight around your ankle & lift your leg 2 the side and then to the back.this is so good for the butt cleavage.

Tip#9-Would you believe if you take your vitamin C everyday it will add 6 years to your life? I take multi vitamins so that should do it.

Tip#8-Stretching is great!! It lengthens the legs and makes them much more shapely looking. Believe me,I’ve got short legs & it helps me.

Tip#7-(detox)Get”Hollywood Diet Juice” at Walgreens.U can’t eat for 2 days but u lose weight,cleans u out & taste good.Do this twice a year.

Tip#6(Abs)Get in sit-up position & w/ a 5 pound weight move it side 2 side holding w/both hands as you sit half way up, contract muscles.

Tip#5(food)Eat Avocados.They make the hair shiny & healthy.There is fat in them but its the good kind,the kind you need.

Tip#4-Do this at a gym.Use the”Smith machine”2 do deep squats.It workouts the outer thighs,butt & calves.Its what bodybuilders use.I love it.

Tip3#(food)Even though Salsa has a lot of Sodium(salt)in it,its still good for you.Its speeds up your metabolism.I bet ya didn’t know that!

Tip#2-Booty Blaster.Take any room & do lunges across it until u can’t anymore.Eventualy hold 5pounds weights.This is so awesome for the legs.

Tip#1 do this anywhere-suck n your stomach(contract)& hold for 1 min,keep breathing.Do this 20 times.Its the opposite of doing sittups.

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