Natalia Vodianova Workout And Diet

Natalia Mikhailovna Vodianova (born 28 February 1982) is a Russian model and philanthropist who now permanently resides in the United Kingdom.

Height : 1.76 m (5 ft 9 in)
Weight : 110 lbs
Measurements : 86.5-61-86.5 cm (34-24-34 in)

Natalia Vodianova Workout And Diet

Natalia Vodianova Workout

Natalia has naturally flat stomach and slender body, but after giving birth to her three kids she did not feel strong enough. She has always been in love with yoga and after birth of her youngest son Natalia made it a rule to do 12 sun salutations every morning. That takes her only 15 minutes a day but it wakes Natalia up on every level, gives her enough of energy and boosts her good mood and optimism and just makes supermodel feel balanced. Size 4 mother of three kids confesses that yoga makes her feel 16-years old again!

Natalia also does some cardio workouts such as running and jogging but assumes that over-exercising is harmful for her health. Once she decided to run a marathon and was intensively training for six months before the event which made her legs and especially knees hurt. After that she does only a little training before running annual marathons.

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Her body-changing 15-minute workout. “I have a horse, so I occasionally go riding, and I cycle and run around with three children, but my New Year’s resolution is to do 12 sun salutations every morning. It’s very quick—done and dusted in 15 minutes—but it really wakes me up, on every level. This is consistent, so there’s no stiffness. It makes me feel balanced.”

Natalia Vodianova Diet

Natalia is naturally very slim and fit and has been always keeping her body in a perfect shape by eating balanced and healthy meals and regularly exercising. But however the supermodel was experiencing problems with her stomach. Natalia was advised to try blood group diet which consists in avoiding certain products that do not correspond with your blood type.

Natalia confesses to be really surprised by the results of her new eating plan and even assumes that it has changed her life. She has cut out bananas and mangoes, red peppers and acidic Foods and has included more liver to her diet. As the model says, she can even indulge herself with coffee and caviar. Natalia adds that after banning the “wrong” food, weakening her organism, she feels much better, stronger and healthier.

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