Nicole Scherzinger: Her Workout And Diet

Nicole Scherzinger (with full name Nicole Prescovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger) was born on June 29, 1978 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She’s American singer, occasional actress, dancer, and songwriter.

Nicole Scherzinger: Her Workout And Diet

Nicole Scherzinger is the lead singer of the sexy group, Pussy Cat Dolls, and the latest mirror ball trophy winner of Dancing With the Stars. She is known for her amazing voice, sexy dance moves as well as her fantastic body. So, here is how she keeps her body fit and sexy.

Nicole Scherzinger: Her Workout And Diet

Height : 5ft 5in

Weight : 93lbs 

Nicole starts her music career in 2001 when she competed in the Popstars TV show. She was a winner from the show and she became a member of the girl pop group Eden’s Crush. In 2003 the band disbanded in 2003, then Nicole started a solo career.

Nicole Scherzinger joined the Pussycat Dolls group in May 2003.  The success of Pussycat Dolls made Nicole popular all over the world. Between 2006 nad 2008, Nicole worked on her debut album ‘Her Name Is Nicole’.

Nicole Scherzinger Workout

Nicole Scherzinger works out with celebrity trainer Adam Ernster to build muscle. She says, “crunches on an exercise ball really target your abs!” Also, “to tone my legs, I dance, run, do squats and lunges.” Apparently the intense workout routines required to compete on Dancing with the Stars are even more tough than her Pussycat Doll workout. But, Nicole says, “I’m used to hard work!”

Nicole Scherzinger’s exercise routine includes a lot of cardio workouts through jogging, hiking, swimming and her personal favorite, dancing.

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“Majority of my fitness exercise program consist of being part of The Pussycat Dolls. I get a lot of fitness training performing the high energy dance routines,” Nicole says.

Nicole also attends Yoga classes and lifts weights regularly to maintain the strength and flexibility of her muscles.

Nicole Scherzinger Diet

Nicole Scherzinger’s diet is nothing out of the ordinary, she just adheres to eating well balanced, healthy Foods. She doesn’t adhere to any strict diet, admitting she is someone who cannot stand strict dieting.

She burned a lot of calories while she was in Dancing with the Stars. Nicole changed her diet plan by adding more healthy snacks to it. She said:

“I snack on apples and peanut butter or KashiGoLean Crunchy Chocolate Almond bars.”

I love food – sweets, cakes, chocolate, cheese, bread, pasta…
But I don’t believe in diets. Instead, I run a lot. “

Nicole Scherzinger is sure to nourish her body properly. Nicole changes her diet by adding healthy snacks. When she is not on the show and needs to slim down quickly, Nicole changes her diet by cutting carbs, salt, and dairy – and avoiding late night eating. Eating healthy snacks throughout the day helps avoid overeating at meals, making it easier to keep your diet on track.

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