Sharon Stone’s Workout And Diet

Sharon Stone (with full name Sharon Vonne Stone) was born on March 10, 1958 in Meadville, Pennsylvania. She is an American former fashion model, film producer, and actress.

Height: 5′ 8½” (1m74)
Weight: 128 lbs.

sharon stone workout and diet

Sharon Stone’s Workout

Stone isn’t one for revealing her workout regime to the tabloids but she has said in the past that she likes to do different types of exercise. She said,

“I work out only as much as I have to, to not be a fat ass. I don’t have a regular routine. When I notice things aren’t quite where I want them to be, I step it up.”

Stone also mentioned that she will incorporate activities into her daily routine to get some extra exercise such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking the car further away from the door when shopping.

“We began working out together about a year and a half ago,” says Winfree. “Sharon had done some Pilates before, but she’d had a big exercise break of a couple of years when I met her.

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“In Pilates, you’re able to work harder with less fatigue. The goal is always to do a full body workout. Every move should be about stretch and strength. We shoot for five times a week, an hour each time. She loves her workouts. But she is a mom, so sometimes it’s three or four. Life lets us do what we can.

As for kayaking it’s a good upper body workout and will shape the biceps, lats and shoulders. You can also get a good cardio workout too; a 150 pound person will burn approximately 340 calories when kayaking for one hour.

Sharon Stone’s Diet Plan

Stone follows the GI diet plan that includes some Exercises as well. The plan is based on the food’s glycemic index. Also, Sharon Stone avoid the sugar from his diet plan.


Porridge made with semi-skimmed milk and blueberries

Fruit salad with low-fat yoghurt and a handful of chopped nuts

Poached egg on granary toast

Banana smoothie with semi-skimmed milk, plus two oatcakes and peanut butter

Grilled mushrooms and a large tomato on granary toast


Sardines on granary toast

Chunky vegetable soup with granary roll

Baked potato with cottage cheese and spring onions – no butter

Chicken with salsa, mixed, canned beans and salad in a wholemeal wrap

Tuna salad with a boiled egg and olive oil dressing


Grilled chicken with ovenroasted vegetables and lemon couscous

Salmon with soy sauce and stir-fried vegetables

Lean mince chilli con carne served with wholegrain rice

Grilled lamb cutlets with baked sweet potato and steamed vegetables

Lean grilled steak with mixed bean salad and steamed asparagus

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