This 3D Logo Designer Slays At Fashion

Stereotypes of Style by Profession

When it comes to your profession, people will often stereotype your style based on what you do. If you’re an engineer or the President of a tech startup, you may be dubbed as the type who will go into the office wearing a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, dress-downed blouse and jeans. If you’re a member of the C-suite of a Forbes 500, the public will expect to see you in a designer suit day in, day out. What about the designers and artists of this world? They’re seen as having a more flouncy, uninhabited style where random paint strokes may be found on a pair of jean shorts or band t-shirts are tucked into long culottes. The same way their profession forces them to live off the cusp of the earth by tackling absurdly innovative and cool ideas through their art form, the stylist in them comes out the same. Slouchy, carefree and airy. Movement is not constricted in any way, the same way their thoughts are free to fly with the wind. However, one Montreal designer has made a grave impact by pushing down this stereotype.


An Unconventionally Artistic Style

Once an art student who studied in New York City, Katia loves to push the envelope on how her peers perceived her. She didn’t want to look like a simple designer, she instead wished to play on her canvas to restrict professional biases. Katia is currently working at a small, cozy Montreal 3D logo maker design studio with founde Raffi, however on most days, you would who never know it. This is because Katia wants every day to be a completely different look. One day will be boho chic where she is wearing a lacy white over-the-shoulder romper and sky-high strappy sandals, the next will be a pink pant-suit that furiously says “I mean business, and don’t get in my way”, while another day she’ll be sporting a grungy look with above-the-knee leather boots and a rock n’ roll t-shirt.


Not the 9 to 5 Kind of Look

Here ability to be free in which articles of clothes she chooses is thanks to the fact that she isn’t stuck in a corporate 9 to 5 job where the HR department requires a set standard of employee uniforms. When you have no constraints, fashion can be fun. But that’s not to say that you should abide by the doctrines of your work place while also coasting on the edge of your stylistic comfort. As a 3D logo maker, Katia works with corporate people every day. She’ll take long promenades around the city to meet a new potential or current client, where she must jam out the required branding colors and visuals to create an optimal logo for the company. She represents the Pixellogo brand at its finest by not confining to a rigid uniform every day, making this smaller design studio unique in Montreal’s artistically overflow of the Mile End.




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