Tips To Get Curvy Shape Figure

Having a curvy body shape goes a long way when you are strutting down the beach in your bathing suit. It can give you confidence and make you stand out in a crowd.

Most women envy members of their same sex who have a lean, sculptured, curvy body especially with a shaped & lifted breast and a lean waistline……Someone like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox or Mariah Carey. Popular TV celebrities and Hollywood actresses often resort to Silicon boobs or steriod injections, but these are too expensive and risky for the ordinary woman. But, the truth is that you can also get such a hot & sexy by doing simple Exercises and following some basic diet practices. We will provide very useful information on how to accomplish these very quick, as quick as 4 to 6 Weeks. You will learn a combination of Exercises for your breasts as well as your waist/hips, which will enable you to get that Dream Hot sexy body.

Tips To Get Curvy Shape Figure

Try These following steps…..

Diet is one the most basic important aspect for maintaining body shape. It’s important that you stick to a proper diet if you are obese or doesn’t have properly shaped Breasts or Hips. Take a healthy approach with your diet. Stop eating Foods with little nutrient value such as cheese fries, burgers, wings, caramel crunch popcorn, chocolate chip cookies and meatball hoagies. Eat Foods that are low in fat and can boost your energy levels, such as lean beef, chicken breasts, fish, leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, oats, whole grain bread, beans and low-fat dairy products.

Choose Exercises such as side shoulder raises using dumbbells and overhead rounding shoulder press Exercises. Apply these 1-2 times per week for 3-4 sets of 10 using a moderate weight in the 75% max range. By adding the rounding range of motion to the shoulder press you will have to go slow, watch form very carefully and make sure to use a weight a little lighter than when you do regular overhead shoulder work.

First, we will start with breast Exercises that tone the breasts and lifts them up, so that they will look in great shape even if you don’t wear a Bra or a Thong.

After breasts, it’s your mid-section that needs attention. To get a hot curvy body, a lean and chiselled waist is necessary along with a pair of toned-up breasts.

Partake in some form of cardiovascular exercise to burn fat. Aim for 45 minutes of cardio and work out interval-style, in which you alternate back and forth between high and low intensity. Running, spinning, jumping rope, elliptical training, rowing and step aerobics are all effective forms of cardio. Work out three days a week, alternating days with weight training.

Turning your toes in for leg press and leg extension Exercises will help bring out your outer quads. Some gals have this naturally while others do not and the factors which are dependant on this are length of limb as well as length of muscle belly on the limb.

Understand that clothes can make a difference. Some women complain about their body is unattractive by hiding it beneath layers of clothing but what they don’t realize that certain type of clothes can flatter a figure. Try on a pair of jeans that complements your figure well–if you are a woman that doesn’t have big hips or butt, try on jeans that have pockets flaps in the back to make your bottom look fuller. Also wear skinny or straight-legged jeans, these cuts shows that you have nice hips and curves and bring out your shape. For a woman with a smaller waist, full hips and bottom or for the the plus-sized woman, look for jeans that are wide in the legs, flared or bootcut with pockets in the back and longer hems. It will make your already curvy figure look more slender.

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